Bwindi can be visited any time, given that Uganda is an all year round destination. Though conditions are more challenging during the rainy season, many travelers have successfully visited the mountain gorillas and the success rate is over 99%.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is an ultimate gorilla destination in Uganda with half population of the mountain gorillas in the world calling it home. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is a tropical rain forest which receives rain fall most of the time. Though there have been slight changes in the season, it is hard to predict the weather.

However, the month between March and May, September and November receive heavy rain fall while the month of December to February are considered dry seasons. No matter the season, gorilla trekking is a life time experience that should not be missed, all seasons are good and the satisfaction of seeing the gentle giants is forever unforgettable.

A break down of what each season comes along with will help make a choice of which month is your favorite to travel in comparison of these two seasons.

Dry season – June to August and December to February

  • Dry trails and Gorillas are easier to view in an open space.
  • The temperatures are always cool and warm
  • chances of clear photography.

Wet season – March to May and September to November

  • Thick vegetation hindering clear views and photography
  • Slippery trails while tracking and some finder roads become impassible
  • It is always likely to rain amidst while in the jungle

The only advantage is that you will be likely able spot migratory birds for bird watching and trek a short distance since gorilla tend not to move further during the rainy season.