Visiting the Gorillas of Uganda require one to get a tracking permit at a cost of $ 600 and the best way is to secure them through your preferred tour company you are set to use. Gorilla trekking in Uganda is done in both Bwindi Forest National Park and Mgahinga National Park all found in western Uganda in the districts of Kabale, and kisoro. Access these two Uganda gorilla national Parks by road and enjoy the beautiful scenery all the way or use a charter flight from Entebbe to Kihihi. There are four different sectors for tracking the mountain gorillas in Uganda and they include Rushaga, Ruhija, Buhoma and Nkuringo. Each sector has its own gorilla trekking families, accommodations close to the park trekking area, so be careful and book both gorilla permits and accommodation in the same point if you want to track mountain gorillas in Bwindi forest. Please note that at the time of booking your gorilla permit, you should book corresponding accommodation where you will stay during your gorilla safari with in the park.

Best time to see gorillas

No more worries about the best time to track gorillas in Uganda because peak season months also known as dry months of the year, June –October and December to March are best times to see Uganda gorillas because treks are manageable, warm weather making every forest trek fantastic. It can rain once in a while but not so common but no discounts on permits. However, discounts are offered in April, May and November every year the months Uganda promotes gorilla tourism across the globe. Trekking gorillas is an exclusive amazing adventure that you will love and enjoy if you wear right clothes, walking shoes and also carry enough drinking water for the trek. Gorillas can be seen within duration of 2-6 hours though some nearby gorilla families are found immediately after briefing in just 30 minutes time so don’t be scared about the tough hikes and treks of the forest. Uganda gorilla trekking safaris are real that chances of seeing the beautiful primates are 99% based on the fact that no tourist has ever entered the forest and failed to see gorillas.

Tracking Gorillas twice

In case you want to track mountain gorillas twice, Bwindi is the best park since it has twelve habituated gorilla families ready for trackers in all the four sectors and others for research purposes plus gorilla habituation. If you interested in Uganda and other gorilla trekking destinations like Congo and Rwanda, it’s very easy to connect but place in your request at the time of booking so that your gorilla permits are reserved in advance. Remember Gorilla trekking is a highlight of all Uganda, Rwanda and Congo tours a reason for many foreign visitors year round. Besides mountain gorillas are the main attractions in Uganda despite the presence of other impressive attractions in the country. In terms of costs Uganda has the cheapest gorilla permits at only $600 per trek compared to other mountain gorilla trekking destinations like Rwanda where a gorilla permit costs $1500.Above all the gorilla permit offers permission to tourists to spend one hour with gorillas and also support the conservation of mountain gorilla conservation. Note that only 8 people are allowed to see a particular habituated gorilla family per day in respect of conservation and nature.