Mountain gorilla tracking is the most interesting adventurous activity done on earth and many travelers who have got this chance of meeting these endangered apes in their natural habitat testify to this. Gorilla tracking needs prior preparation before you go ahead and book the safari to Uganda, Rwanda or Democratic Republic of Congo to fully enjoy this activity.It’s always very good to go on a safari and come back when satisfied but this can be reached when you had a prior planning for your gorilla safari, the following among other can help you to have a stress free gorilla safari in African

Booking your gorilla permit in time; gorilla tracking is one of the most sought after tourist activities in countries where these giant apes can be seen. gorilla permits tend to get finished so quick therefore in order to avoid disappointments, you are advised to book your gorilla permit in time. Gorilla permits are sold on first come first served basis so the earlier the better.

Get to know the best travel period for gorilla tracking: In both countries, it rain heavily from March to May, and lighter rainy seasons is from October to mid-December, so tracking gorillas is good during the dry season, during the dry seasons the trails are passable with no difficulties, so this can give you a good stamina in hiking the forest and slopes during the search of our close relatives.However since gorillas tracking is done the tropical rainforest forests of Africa,it’s better to go with a rain jacket since it can rain on you at any time something that may ruin your gorilla safari.

Come with tracking gears like sturdy comfortable pair of walking shoes/boots, long sleeved shirts or blouses, water proof jackets, mosquito repellent to avoid mosquito bites, sunglasses to avoid small insect to fall into your eyes during tracking, a cap to prevent you from the boiling sun of Africa, don’t for water bottled water and sometimes packed food although this is provided by the lodge, since tracking time is unpredictable it can go from a half to full day, ounce this is observed well your gorilla tracking safari in Africa will be a stress free and breathtaking.

Book through a tour company: this will help you to have a stress free gorilla safari in Africa as booking through a tour operator will help to secure your gorilla permit easily than doing it individually. tour companies are given almost 80% access to these gorilla permits, and you can get a gorilla permit without any extra charge if you’re booking the whole safari with them or transportation part of your safari, they can also book for you accommodation .