Most gorilla tours in Uganda end with amazing memories of African culture experience and 80% of Bwindi forest visitors feel at home to mix up and interact with new people and culture. African Cultural experience takes you to explore only the truth but not forged performances and beliefs of different African societies. Don’t think of a mere interaction with African people but look at an outstanding culture adventure beyond people interaction when booking a culture tour in Uganda. If you need to meet individuals living in a traditional way is still something found in Bwindi forest communities but in most cases such people need to be understood and respected no matter how they live. Truly Uganda offers rich variety of cultural experience with plenty of connection with the local communities. Travelers to Bwindi Forest often get opportunities to learn about the Batwa pygmies and the Bakiga, Bwindi community village groups and enjoy different activities for either fun or support of a particular community cause. It’s often possible to visit schools, different villages, or market on market day or walk with the community cattle keepers when going out to pasture in the morning or afternoon.

Simply staying in Bwindi Impenetrable forest is a cultural experience in itself because the Gorilla land was formerly owned by the people of the forest commonly known as the Batwa people (pygmies) and though they no longer stay inside the forest but at least settled just along the park boundaries. The former forest keepers used to survive by hunting wildlife using the bow and arrow plus traditional nets in search for fresh food in the forest. Surprisingly they were in harmony with forest giants the mountain gorillas. A visit to this community is one of the favorite culture experiences one can ever have in Africa. The people still live in a traditional way showing the true African in the ancient. They welcome any token, and snacks but the community will entertain you in the most excellent way as they appreciate and welcome you to their land making you look like a precious gift they have never had. One can’t fail to find the best cultural experience while here thus giving you open opportunities to get to know people of different cultural background.

The Bakiga people are the other cultural community of people found outside Bwindi forest and your place to be after you gorilla tracking safari in Bwindi. Never spend an afternoon free after your trek yet the Bakiga community of Kabale wait for exploration. The origin of these people is still confusing but they believe they came from Rwanda in Byumba and Ruhenjere but witnessing their cultural dance performance is the best .Looking at kiga dance is like watching a resetleling match because a lot of energy is used and needed for the dance performance.Dancers enjoy what they do to the extent that even guests join the team.The Bakiga’s also offers many other contrasting African cultural experiences including the local beer preparations, women duties and responsibility and you can get a chance of learning how to prepare a local African meal of steamed matoke , millet and posho. Milking is also done by tourists who don’t fear getting close to cattle hence getting an insight of many different cultures in the region.

Besides you can also decide to support the community village level projects that help women to get to the next level like riding a bicycle of 10$ to support a woman or buy a fabric made by local women in local materials. One can still buy weaved baskets by local women, or visit schools and support the African child education. But if culture isn’t your thing Bwindi Impenetrable Forest has many other tourist activities including bird watching, nature walks or forest walks, trail hikes and waterfall visits. If you have enough enough time its good to spend more than three days around the park and also explore the nearby forests as well as the unique mountain Gorillas in the jungle forest.