Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is located in the southwestern part of Uganda on the rim of the Rift Valley. The hillsides which are mist-covered are sheltered by one of the ancient and very biologically varied rainforests in Uganda that dates back to more than 25,000 years, comprising of about 400 varied plant species. More notably, this “impenetrable forest” in addition protects an predictable 400 population of mountain gorillas – approximately half of the population in the world, among which are a number of habituated groups, that can be tracked by visitors.

Bwindi is habitat to more than half the world’s population of Mountain Gorillas. Actually there are over 400 mountain gorillas living here. Many travelers take gorilla safaris to Bwindi Impenetrable forest, traveling from different corners of the world. To enjoy this Ultimate Safari in Uganda there are lots of things to do to prepare you for the thrilling experience of mountain gorilla trekking! The word “Bwindi” means “darkness” and taking a hike this magnificent forest will certainly unveil to you the reason why the forest was named so. You will as well be in position to fast tell why actually the forest is also regarded as Impenetrable. One requires to be realistically physically fit to take part in this mountain gorilla tracking / trekking adventure because it may involve climbing the steep terrain.

The Uganda Equator crosses into Uganda at a point situated 75km south of Kampala along the Kampala – Masaka road. At this point, there are two cement circles marking the equator line and it is worth stopping if you are traveling to Masaka or Kampala for a photo moment. Also watch a demonstration by local entrepreneur on how water swirls in opposite directions in the northern & southern hemispheres at the equator line. Other equator markers are located in Kasese district within the Queen Elizabeth National Park, 420km southwest of Kampala.

Another reason that make equator worthwhile stop are the great shopping bargains. The point has got several craft shops run by individuals and organizations. These craft stalls sell souvenirs and handmade products while some with marks talking about the Equator. It will not be inconveniencing if you bought a T-shirt with words ‘I crossed the Uganda Equator’. Aid Child gallery and Tribal Art & Crafts show case thier products in a more organsied manner than their competitors. Facing Aid child Gallery, is the Popular Paper organization, specially dealing in recycling and selling of paper products.

The Equator has also got two restaurants, one at Tribal Art & Crafts shop and the other at Aid Child café. These serve decent English food and tasty coffee.

Mpambire located along the Kampala – Masaka road which continues to the Uganda safari destinations of south western Uganda via Mbarara can be wholesomely branded the epicenter of drum making in Uganda. Mpambire is entirely local and authentic African village with close to 1000 occupants whose life is centered on the activity of drum making alongside crop cultivation for sustenance as it can be seen while on Uganda safaris. Traditionally, Mpambire used to craft the royal drums for the Kingdom of Buganda but as things kept on changing and with opportunities presented by the increased safari visits in Uganda, the local crafts men had to diversify their market to satisfy the interests of Uganda safari undertakers.

The concept of drum making is by no means ordinary as it involves high degree of dexterity and keen consideration of the raw materials. No wonder the local craftsmanship skills are admired by everybody on Uganda safari. With its position en route to safari destinations of Bwindi – famous for gorilla trekking, Lake Mburo national park – the smallest savannah park in Uganda with the highest concentration of Impala, Queen Elizabeth National park – famous for her wildlife safaris more uniquely the tree climbing lions and Mgahinga gorilla national park – famous for gorilla tracking; Mpambire is a perfect stop center for all the travelers to these Uganda safari destinations. The experience at Mpambire can range from mere watching to acquisition of a souvenir.