Family statistics
Family Size: 5
Silverback: Ruhondeza
Blackback: Kanyonyi
Adult Female: Kashundwe, Malaika
Juvenile: Muyambi

This family was the first of the Uganda mountain gorillas to be habituated in 1998. It was first sighted by trackers around the Mubare hills that are to be found deep in Bwindi Impenetrable forest. The dominant silverback in the group was always been Ruhondeza who died in 2012 and back then he ruled a family with over 18 gorillas.

Over the years his family shrunk in number (as Ruhondeza has shrunk in size). This is because the now aging monarch had not groomed a successor. He was the jealous type it seems. The UWA trackers had long suspected that he kills off any up coming blackbacks who may be tempted to usurp his position. 2009 was a particularly hard year for this family with a loss of three of its members. Early in the year one of the adult females died of a fracture to the skull. She left behind a wee infant of six months, whom the group tried to care for. The baby was found dead on Ruhondeza’s bed by trackers one morning. As the little mite had not been weaned and couldn’t eat.

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