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The Oruzogo group lies within Ruhija in northe Eastern Bwindi. The group has 21 MEMBERS, 1 SILVERBACK gorilla who heads the group.

This group was opened for gorilla tourism in June 2011 in the Ruhija sector of Bwindi. The
group’s name is derived from one of the plants locally refered to as “Oruzogo”, a great delicacy to the gorillas.

Oruzogo is currently the largest habituated gorilla group within Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and therefore has a significant number of infant and  juvenile gorillas – including a pair of twins born in March 2012. Their playful antics can make for an  excellent experience and unique  photographic opportunity.

Getting There

Oruzongo Group is located in the Ruhija sector in Bwindi impenetrable national park. In this sector, there is two other groups- Bitukura and Kyaguriro. All these groups have gorilla family members and the Oruzogo group has 16 individual gorilla members.

Currently the group has 16 mountain gorillas in the Oruzogo family are led Tibirikwata a dominant male (silverback). The major mountain gorillas in this gorilla family include Birungi, Mutesi, Kashundwe, Nyakiina, Kaganga, Katooto, Kanywani, Kakobe, Buchura, Busungu, Otaka, Bwoba, Karimi, Kiromba and Buchura. All these names have meanings describing the major characteristics of the gorillas; Kanywani means friendly, Katooto means young one, Busungu means short tempered, Kaganga means the giant one, Kakobe means the one that looks like a monkey and many others.

The mountain gorillas in Uganda are named to enable easy identification by researchers and the visiting tourists.

Viewing the Oruzogo family relax in the jungles of Bwindi makes your heart skip a bit. Even though you highly anticipate this encounter, nothing can really prepare you for the feeling you get when looking into the eyes of the gorillas. Looking at the gorillas leaves you speechless as you watch the unique mammals as they just continue feeding and playing around. While here, you are instructed to keep a reasonable distance from the gorillas because they can easily attack you. Tourists are also strictly not allowed to use flash photography as it could greatly distract the mountain gorillas.


Currently gorilla trekking permits in Uganda are sold at only $750 and can be obtained from Uganda wildlife authority offices in Kampala or through a trusted tour operator. There are also several fully inclusive gorilla safaris that are sold by various tour operators. There are standard accommodation facilities in the Ruhija sector therefore tourists should not worry about where to sleep.