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The Rushegura group was created in 2002 after a Mwirima, a silverback broke away from the Habinyanja group. The individuals in the group under Mwirima felt secure given his proven heroics in fighting off rival and wild groups. Mwirima was known to engage in severe fights in protection of his sovereignty and the family, using his sharp canines, slapping and tearing vegetation , chest beating and thumping the ground with palms to display the end of the battle. The group comprised of 17 members and 1 silverback at the time.

The group currently has no silverback after the death of Mwirima though there is a black back leading well the group, but has five Adult females, one Blackback , and a host of juveniles and infants. The group’s name is derived from the Ebishegura tree which is abundant in the area. Most often tourists tracking this group start the hike from the park headquarters though at times you may need to drive to its trail head at Mukono.

Rushegura is one of the favorite groups for gorilla trackers and it is well known for its playful infants.
The gorilla group often stays close to Buhoma, so at times the hike can be relatively short. This is the best group for the old trekkers and those who are looking for less difficult hikes. However it is not a guarantee that the hikes will be hike.

Indeed, on occasion they have even been seen wandering through the gardens of the lodges in the area,
as our client discovered in a unique chance encounter.