Bwindi Forest National Park lies on 331 square kilometers in the south-western Uganda. It is 530kms away from Kampala the capital city of Uganda. Bwindi’s major tourist attraction is gorilla tracking but there are also various activities performed apart from gorilla tracking. It is a UNESCO world’s heritage site designed in mountain gorillas.

Bwindi Forest National Park has a half of the world’s gorilla and it is the oldest and most biologically diversed rain forests in southern Uganda.

Most tourist access Bwindi forest on private escorted trips through Kampala – Ntungamo then drive to Rukungiri then via Kihihi and then to Buhoma and it is the shortest route from Kampala in that it takes 8-9 hours to get into the park. But for the foreigner you can also use the Entebbe airport or Kampala (Kajjansi airfield) to modern airstrip at Kisoro.

Due to the long journey to the park you cannot perform any activity on that very day due to the fatigue so you will have to rest at Buhoma or any other lodge because there are very many lodges near the park, and then start performing the activities on the next day. So, the next day if you are in a group of 8 people you have to pay UGX 250,000 each East African Citizen adult and for the foreign non-resident has to pay US$ 600 well as for the foreign resident will pay US$ 500 each person to experience the gorilla trekking adventure.

After the payments you will be escorted by the park guiders to start performing activities like gorilla tracking whereby it is a challenging activity which needs someone to be reasonably fit before undertaking to venture into the activity. This activity takes for quite a long period but after it you can also view many mammals, geckos, birds, ferns, butterflies, frogs and many others.

Gorillas in Bwindi national park are very attractive and very friendly to people, so when gorillas are tracked and found they really impress their love to you and they behave like humans, these gorillas are very friendly most especially when you don’t harm them plus their young ones.

There many enjoyable activities that I can’t tell now unless when you go there by yourself and observe them by yourself, they are really enjoyable that you even forget your stress when you are there because there is even mountain biking, nature walks and many others.

Near to Bwindi Forest National Park there is Lake Bunyonyi which is very suitable for holidays. It is a one hour drive from Bwindi Forest National Park. Most of the travelers to Uganda now have diverted to private Uganda car rental services offering cars that can make your private travel in Uganda most amazing to the tourist attractions.

When you reach at lake Bunyonyi, your first sight will be at the lake its self plus the anglers (fisher men using hooks) on the riverbanks catching fish and others will be in the small boats. Many fish species are caught from this lake for example tilapia and Nile perch. here you can ask fisher men to put you in the boat and sail together with them which is very amazing, you feel scared while in the boat most especially when it is your first time to get into the boat but later along you will come to gain confidence while in the boat. After sailing in the boat, you can even dive in water and swim which refreshes your mind and the whole body. Still while at lake Bunyonyi you can also buy fresh fish from the fisher men there and roast the fish right from there, the roasted fish is very sweet most especially when it has been just caught from the Lake. when leaving the Lake, you can take photos of things which inspired you then the fisher men will escort you and go back to your homeland.

Both Bwindi national park and lake Bunyonyi are a better solution for you to visit if you want to enjoy and chase away boredom plus stress, I advise you to visit Bwindi national park and then visit lake Bunyonyi which is near to the park to enjoy the great things you have never seen before.

Really Uganda is a pearl of Africa, come visit Uganda plus its national parks, you will verify this. See you on the day you will arrive.


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