On your visit to the North Eastern Uganda visit the Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park and the Mount Elgon National Park. With the our private fleet from Uganda Car Rental we started with the visit to Murchison and staying at Paraa Safari Lodge for lunch and also an overnight, after 2 days we traveled to Kidepo valley National Park in north eastern Uganda on Uganda-South Sudan-Kenya borders via Gulu – Kitgum road and this took us 7hour to reach the parks. Here we rested at Apoka Safari Lodges which is within the parks. Early in the morning we went to mount Morungule near Naru Rivers which is the permanent source of water to the park’s wild animals.

This is a collection point for most of the animals since the park is located in a semi arid place, it was our pleasure to see herds of game descending the valley for water due to high temperatures in the park, from here we drove to Kanangoroko hot spring lying 11km with in the park on the South Sudan border and this enabled us to view most of the mountains here beyond frontiers.

Other areas of attractions we visited in the park include Lomej hills, Namamukwey valley, Narus Valley which gave us a spectacular view of the different bird species. In the evening we went back to Apoka Safari Lodge for an overnight. The next day in the morning we traveled to Mountain Elgon National Park in the eastern bordering Uganda-Kenya which is shared by almost three districts of Kibuku, Bududa and Manafwa. Here we staged at Sipi Falls Lodge which is in the western side of the mountain.

The next day we went to the fall through a network of well-maintained (though often muddy) local trails which gave us a beautiful view of the area and on your way to the bottom of each of the three levels of waterfalls we got a local guide from the local community who had an interesting history about the three falls. This also explained to us the flora and fauna which we came across as we were heading to the falls but in this case we went to Ngasire falls which lies 87m high of the ridge, the areas is occupied with cliffs.

After enjoying that wonderful tour, we went back to the lodge for an overnight and early in the morning we went to UWA headquarters at the park for mountain climbing activity, we were charged $80 USD per person. Our first day hike was an amazing one. It started at 1700m elevation, since it was getting late and yet we had climbed enough, we camped at 2900m elevation. It was so great since we went through villages, as we were climbing, Bamasaba children were busy waiting for us and as we bypassed them, they greeted us in their local language by saying Mirembe which meant is hello as it was translated to us by the rangers.

Both of the campsites we stayed at had shelters with wooden bunks in them. Since we had carried our cook and the two porter, we hired our camping tents which we lifted up in the designated shelters, the cooks used to prepare for us food and porter carried our luggage. Due to the fact that the floors were stony, we had carried airbags which we slept on during the nights. Although we were inside a shelter, thick jackets and gloves, it was too cold at night.

The second day was the easiest; here we climbed to the second campsite at 3500m.The third day was so fantastic as we climbed up to our major point of destination Wagagai peak (4321m) It was stunning on the peak, but quite cold. during day we observed the largest caldera on top of the peak alongside the Jackson’s pool and Jackson’s peak, we also got a chance to view Kenya being the neighbouring country.

The fourth day, we left early and were back to Budadiri before lunch time. Since it rained, it was slippery, but due to the experience possessed by the guides, they managed to help us through the slippery points, we tip toed downwards also as we were exhibiting our stamina and brevity up to the park headquarters for signing out. Having used four days in mountaineering, we went back to Kampala to meet our travel expert from 4×4 Car Hire Uganda to handover the vehicle to them and also departing to our home country.