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Friend a gorilla is an initiative by UWA (Uganda Wildlife Authority), to promote and educate the world about Uganda’s mountain gorillas.

With only about 720 mountain gorillas left in the world, Uganda – having a little over half the worlds population of this highly endangered species – has stepped up efforts to involve the whole world in our conservation initiative. In doing so we hope to educate the public, spark your interest, and have you become a close friend of these endangered gentle giants.

Friendagorilla.org will give friends of the forest a chance to befriend all of the habituated gorillas in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, for just 1 US dollar per gorilla friend. Enjoy them on your own or share your gorilla friends with your human friends.

Once you friend a rare Ugandan gorilla they will be your friend for life, and will update you on their status through facebook and twitter.

At friendagorilla.org you can view their photos, videos and track their families in the forest through GPS coordinates given to Friend a Gorilla by the actual trackers that visit them daily.