You can choose to take a charter flight from Entebbe or spend some hours on the road while enjoying the scenery. Within Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, there are 4 different areas where you can do mountain gorilla trekking safaris, and they include Buhoma, Ruhija, Rushaga and Nkuringo. Each of these areas has specialized accommodation close to the tracking area. Once you secure a gorilla permit of USD 600, prepare good quality walking boots if trying any hikes or even climbs, warm layers of cloth for the cold evenings and clothing for wet weather remember it becomes cold and wet at this high altitude.

However during the day, the sun is strong even when cloudy therefore always remember to carry and wear sunscreen as well as a sun hat. In addition, you may have to carry along waterproof bags to safeguard cameras plus additional equipment for the hike. Water plus snacks are additional recommended items plus a packed lunch for people doing full-day expeditions. Mountain Gorilla tours / tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. The word “Bwindi” means “darkness” and taking a hike this magnificent forest will certainly unveil to you the reason why the forest was named so. You will as well be in position to fast tell why actually the forest is also regarded as Impenetrable. One requires being realistically physically fit to take part in this mountain gorilla tracking / trekking adventure because it may involve climbing the steep terrain.

Gorilla trekking in the DRC is not for everybody. The post-conflict political situation remains fragile, and the roads are among the worst in Africa. But if you decide to visit Virunga National Park, where tourism is beginning to recover after nearly two decades of conflict, you will have an important advantage over those on mountain gorilla treks in neighbouring Rwanda and Uganda: Unlike those countries, where parties of eight trekkers is the norm, the maximum group size for a Volcanoes National Park gorilla family of less than ten members, such as Munyaga, is just four human visitors (plus trackers and rangers). That means you will have fewer human competitors for camera angles, and more chance to draw the gorillas’ attention.

Once you secured your gorilla permit of USD 400, your gorilla trekking adventure in the DRC will begin early in the morning and you will be driven up to the gorilla trekking starting point at Bukima, a ranger’s station in the mountains of the Virunga National Park, outside the city of Goma. The small agrarian villages you’ll pass, and the people who run to the road to wave at you, will give you a glimpse of a different way of life.

The length of the trek is entirely dependent on the gorillas; sometimes the guides can track them down in less than two hours, other times it takes much longer. Mountain gorillas are nomadic, travelling the jungle in families and staying in an area just long enough to clear it of food. They also don’t follow a clear path, and you’ll realize when tracking them that they like to meander.