Africa is one of the best continent to travel to due to its amazing countries of Uganda, Rwanda and the democratic republic of Congo, these are the best countries in Africa to experience the endangered rare gorillas both mountain and lowland. Gorillas exhibit a human- like behaviour including the emotions; these are seen making their own tools to aid themselves survive in the forests. African gorillas are said to share 98.3% of the genes with those of human beings and this makes them to be the closest primates to the chimpanzees.

Enjoy the gorilla safaris in Africa that enables visitors to have a look at these human like apes with broad chests, large man-like hands with small eyes with hairless faces too, all these can be observed after a hectic trek in to the forests. Uganda has got the largest mountain gorilla population with over 342 gorillas in her designated national parks of Bwindi and Mgahinga both located in the south west of the country and in the misty areas.

The cold weather conditions experienced in these national parks is said to be the best for the mountain gorilla survival. Besides Uganda, Rwanda also offers the best gorilla trekking experience to all the visitors and this doesn’t take much time since the country is too small therefore the distance from Kigali airport and Kigali city is too short hence enabling trekker to utilize two days on a safari hence minimizing the budget costs.

Gorilla trekking here is done from the Volcanoes national park which is located in the north western part of the country, this makes the land of a thousand hills being among the best places to go to while on a safari to Africa, volcanoes national park shares  the Virunga ranges with the Virunga national park in DR.Congo and the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park of Uganda and therefore finding gorillas in their natural habitat is somehow challenging since visitors have to move along the trails  toward high elevations on top of the mountains where these gentle primates spend their life time.

One may also fly into DR.Congo which is adjacent to Uganda and Rwanda hence sharing the eight hills found in the Virunga ranges, Congo is also a somehow stable country and this makes it worthy to visit while on a gorilla tours, visitors can either fly into Rwanda and embark on road transport via Goma border  and visitors who are on gorilla trekking can track from Virunga national park, this is the only national park in Congo where the endangered mountain gorillas can be trekked.

After here visitors may wish to continue with the experience of gorillas trekking with in the country, here visitors may proceed to Kahuzi-Biega national park where the eastern lowland gorillas are tracked; these enable tourists to have a comparison between the mountain gorilla experiences with that of the lowland gorillas. Gorilla trekking rates vary from country to country, DR. Congo has got the cheapest gorilla permit costing USD 400 per person per trek, Uganda has got the moderate price of the permit being sold at USD 600 and Rwanda having a bit expensive permit sold at USD 1500 per person per trek.