Despite of the fact that Uganda has got a number of fascinating features, gorilla safaris takes a lead among the tourism attraction primates due to their uniqueness, before knowing what to take for gorilla tracking, one needs to understand where to do tracking, in Uganda, gorillas are tracked from the two identical Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Gorillas are the largest apes with Uganda having over 400 mountain gorillas compared to other parks of Virunga in DR.Congo and Volcanoes in Rwanda and nature adventure is the ideal company to arrange all the tailored and bespoke tours.

Permits are mandatory to every aspiring trekker and these are booked before the safari and the only way to book these permits is through the local tour operators, visitors can do either habituation where one enjoy and spent the whole day experiencing gorillas in their natural habitat at $1500 USD and tracking at $600 per person where the visitor can only track and spend only one hour taking photos. Therefore it’s advisable to do a prior booking for the permits since they are seasonal and they are always limited to a certain number of groups and they get done especially in the peak seasons.

Healthy, all visitors wishing to trek gorillas have to be disease free since gorillas can easily get diseases they share almost 70% genes with human beings. Visitors are advised to get yellow fever immunization before entering Uganda and this is a must to all the visitors. All visitors to the parks during trekking are encouraged to hide their wastes deep under the ground and gorilla feeding is discouraged.

Age, children bellow the age of 15years are not allowed to track gorillas but parents can move with their kids and on reaching the parks, they can leave them at the park headquarters with the guide until the whole activity is done. All visitors are required to arrive at the pack headquarters at 7am before 8am which is the recommended time for starting tracking; visitors are taken through all the rules and regulations governing the park 30minutes before the real activity to avoid mistakes and for emergency purposes.

For identification reasons, clients are requested to present valid identifications and documents to confirm residence status. Since the weather condition is uncertain here, at any time it can rain and the conditions are too cold with mist and fog falling in the early morning. Therefore visitors are encouraged to move with rain proof jackets, gumboots, sweaters, pants and head socks, repellents and long sleeved shirts. Visitors are also urged to make arrangements with their lodges for snacks or packed food while heading for trekking since gorillas are sometimes hard to trace due to their continuous movements in search for food.