For any travel to Uganda for gorilla tracking below are the things/equipment you should not forget before you enter the wild to begin the activity of searching mountain gorillas one of its kind adventurous activities on earth.

Long-sleeved shirt and blouses

Long sleeved shirts and blouses are very important as they will protect you from the stinging plants, leaves and insect biting while in the forest. If you dress appropriately all these won’t affect you during gorilla searching and it’s much better if you maintain them in a natural color and it’s also good if it is in cotton, to give you worth during coldness

Strong pair of shoes/ Boots

This is a must pack for any gorilla tracking activity, since you expect a lot of difficult during a 1-8 hours in the jungle like stinging plants, and grass and at times when it rains the soil becomes muddy making paths leading to gorillas very impassable. Here a sturdy pair of shoes or boots is very vital since it will give you comfort to move in the forest with a lot of ease and you are also advised to come with a good pair of shocks to give you more comfort.

A Rain Jacket and a Hat

Since African weather is unpredictable it can rain at any time and sometimes when in the jungle, and it’s always cold in the morning and in the evening so it’s better you come with a rain jacket when coming to Africa especially when you are to go for mountain gorilla tracking. If you have a rain jacket it can keep you warmth and avoid raining on you directly something that can ruin your gorilla tracking adventure. A safari hat is also good as it simply makes you a smart traveler and also it’s the only way you can avoid from the hot sun of Africa.


A bag is very vital as it will help you to carry your accessories such as a note book, a camera, a pen, rain jacket, bottled water and at times packed lunch, even if it rains your gear will still be safe and its better if you bring a water proof bag, because African weather is subjected to rain at any time.

Garden Gloves

When in the forest there is no way you can avoid from touching on plants or leaves yet some plants and leaves have thorns which may stitch you and some plants are poisonous. So here Gloves can protect you from germ and any other item that may be dangerous to your body, hence a must pack when coming for an adventurous gorilla tracking safari.

Insect repellent and Sunglasses:

Insect repellent is also very important since tracking is done in the forest there is a lot of mosquitoes so to avoid mosquito bites insect repellent is a must pack, no one is allowed to track gorillas when sick as this may affect the life of gorillas, and for the good of gorillas and yourself if you find yourself sick report early to your guide your money will be refunded back or a special arrangement to see these giants will be made for you. However to avoid this, pack an insect repellent, when it gets in the evening, you can spray your clothes or body to avoid mosquito bites. Sunglasses can help you from the boiling sun of Africa and also these small insect that can fly direct into your eyes

Once the above are observed well and put into consideration your mountain gorilla tracking safari will be a success and memorable as its very better to go on a safari and come back we satisfied.