Gorilla trekking within Bwindi Impenetrable forest   in southwestern Uganda is the height of your Ugandan safari. The country and the park are recognized as very safe and secure places to be thus you will be in position to see gorillas in their peaceful environment.

Which company should I use to trek gorillas in Uganda?

There are many credible tour companies to book with for your gorilla safari in Uganda. But before you book with any company you are advised to shop around with and judge which company will give you the best information regardless of the price. Many travelers end up dis appointed when they book with a company because it gave him or her low price but not putting emphasis on what information they have provided. Ask the tour operator as many questions as possible concerning your safari for example ask about which car and what hotels have they booked for you. Take your time reading on different travel site to see what they about that particular hotel or company you are booking with.

When to go and see the mountain gorillas?

The gental apes can be seen all year round but the best to to visit bwindi national park is fro mid June to September and from December up to February that is the high season. The low season starts in Mid March to May and October to November. Agorilla permite goes for USD600 in the high season and USD450 in the low season. So those whose do not have the USD600 for the trek, visit the gorillas in the low season where the gorilla permits are discounted. Note: The experience is the same weather in the high or low season so choose wisely.

Getting to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

The park can be accessed easily by road or air, depending on your planned itinerary, resources and time. There are also options for backpackers, as some good bus coaches are available to Kisoro and Buhoma where you can find lodging. Private car hires are easily accessible, though the mountain terrain requires 4×4 cars to avoid struggling up the hills. Kampala City to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park takes about 8-10 hours to drive, but it is only 40 minutes by flight from Entebbe to Kihihi or Kisoro airstrip

If you do have the time, travelling by road is much more fun, as there are a host of available activities en-route as well as tourist attractions such as the Equator prior to Masaka, cultural museums and craft shops

Where can you stay when you trek gorillas?

To choose the best safari lodge for your gorilla safari in Uganda is one of the things that will make your safari a memorable one. But this will depend on how much you can afford some lodges are luxurious which means they are expensive. These are some of the best lodges to book in case you are to visit Bwindi ie Clouds Lodge, Buhoma Lodge, Gorilla forest Camp and Mahogany springs and Nshongi Gorilla Resort

 How much does a good Gorilla safari Cost?

Different tour companies do give different quotes though lowest budget gorilla safari should have a price of $ 1000 while the super luxury should  cost $ 1500 to $ 2000 per person however, based on the reviews of most tour operators in the country most tourists prefer the mid- range which is affordable.

How can one get a gorilla trekking permit in Uganda

You can book with a tour operator. Booking with a tour operator, you will have to inform them about the dates for your tour, your preferred dates available for trekking and they will send you the bank details. An acknowledgement email will be for money transfer and you will have to remember to instruct your bank details in order to transfer money for the gorilla permits. A copy of the passport will be   required to send a copy of your passport which also avails the details to be used and normally you need your full names, nationality and the passport number. Then after, your names will be registered and then you will acquire a gorilla permit. OR You can book with the Uganda Wildlife Authority direct.

What to pack?

You require good quality hiking boots, garden gloves, rain Jacket, long sleeved shirts/blouse, energy giving snacks, cameras and extra batteries, hat and sun glasses, pair of binoculars.

Are mountain gorillas a dangerous species?

Mountain gorillas are very strong though shy animals and are very threatened and they do attack so as to protect their very own. When the different mountain gorilla groups meet, there is a fight between the leader Silverbacks to death.

What are the predators of mountain gorillas?

The main predator to mountain gorillas is human encroachment for settlement and there are additionally threatened by various diseases which are transmitted by human visitors.