Uganda is home to many different primate species with Kibale National Park containing the highest density in all of Africa. Chimpanzee, gorillas, the black and white Colobus, red tailed monkey, grey cheeked manageable, L’Hoest’s and blue monkeys, and olive baboons can be seen during game drives, launch trips or nature walks, along with smaller nocturnal species such as the bush babies and potto. Mgahinga National Park also contains one of the last remaining habitats of the endangered golden monkeys. Primates, gorillas, chimpanzees and monkeys are found in Uganda more than any other East African country, one reason why so many people choose to visit Uganda.

The chimpanzees are our closest relatives about 5000 plus of them situated in Uganda. The best tourist destination known for chimpanzee trekking is Kibale national park which is a rain forest and has got over 13 primate species; these can be tracked at any day of the year. You can track them, go on an all-day habituation experience, do a nocturnal walk in the jungle with spotlights and guides which is simply an amazing experience.

The chimpanzee species can be tracked starting from 8; 00 am and the time of ending the track depends on them when you locate them. Chimpanzees can be tracked in many different locations apart from Kibale National Park. These include Semliki which is rain forest jungle down the fabulous Albertine Rift escarpment, Budongo forest which is located just near Murchison Falls, Kyambura Gorge in Maramagambo Forest in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The other place were chimpanzees are kept is the Zoo which is Uganda Wildlife Education Centre as well as in Ngamba Sanctuary Island were orphaned primate are kept for tourism purpose.

It’s only at that moment that you realize that they have been habituated. They tolerate you when taking a rest and continue their daily duties. When you are lucky you see them on the ground. With the appropriate photo equipment you can take some good pictures. Sometimes they are high in the trees and you will need your binoculars to observe them well. You will stay about one hour with them.

There are opportunities to see the chimpanzees of Uganda when you combine them with mountain gorilla safaris in Uganda. You will enjoy these primates as well as wildlife species found in many other national parks in Uganda. Uganda offers you more primate and wildlife diversity than any other African country. Spending an hour with both the chimpanzees of Uganda and the mountain gorillas alone is worth the trip to this country. You can also spend the day with chimpanzees by going on a chimpanzee Habituation Experience in the forests of Budongo or Kibale Forest it is the habituation experience all day with chimpanzees in their natural setting.

Besides chimpanzee tracking, we also have golden monkey tracking in Uganda; these are unique creatures and are relatives to both the mountain gorillas and the chimpanzees. These species can be found in three countries including Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. They are also known as sub specie of the blue monkeys which are mainly found in bamboo forests in Virunga of Congo.

Golden monkeys have been habituated to human presence and these offer a wonderful experience to visitors like the mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. They can as well be tracked in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and usually a guide will escort you when you are in small groups and start to hike the bamboo forest where these beautiful primates live. These playful species are hard to get on camera and tourists are advisable to use a low light in the dense forest.