Looking to gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park? Here are the DOS AND DONTS that you should look at when tracking the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Forest.

  • Meeting Gorillas in their natural habitat means a lot to them therefore keep the following in mind while gorilla watching.
  • You must be at least 15 years of age to engage in the Gorilla trekking activity. Below that age do not bother.
  • Once you locate the gorillas, you are limited to one hour of observation and photography. Be careful not to exceed the stated time.
    Always leave 5 meters distance when observed at all times (15 feet) from the mountain gorillas.
    Though Gorillas are our closest relatives, do not look directly in to their eyes. This upsets them.
  • While Gorilla trekking, give chance to the gorillas to pass at their time instead of you over passing them even if they may be using the designated foot paths. Wait until they give way.
  • At times the Gorillas may get closer to you because some are used to human beings, do not run away, Stay calm and your ranger guide will be alert to protect you. Running away will increase the risk of being harmed.
  • Avoid Flash photography when taking Gorilla pictures and videos.
  • You are supposed to spend one hour while viewing mountain Gorillas. However, if the gorillas become agitated or nervous, the guide will finish the visit before one hour to avoid dangers.
  • While with and after the visit, keep your voices down until you are 200m from the gorillas.
    Do not distance yourself while Gorilla trekking. Keep close in your group when you are near gorillas
  • You are strictly not allowed to track Gorillas when you are sick. Just report the sickness on time then an alternative visit can be organised for you or a money refund made.
  • If you feel like coughing or sneezing when you are near the gorillas, please turn your head away and cover your nose and mouth in order to minimize the spread of bacteria or viruses.
  • Do not try to touch or get in closer contact with the gorillas. These are wild animals and when they attempt to come near you, try to move away in order to maintain the authorized 5 meters.
  • While Gorilla tracking,Avoid smoking, drinking or eating when you are with the gorillas. Eating or drinking inevitably will increase the risk of food dropping and this also attracts gorillas near you which can increase the risk of transmission of diseases.
  • Avoid dumping any rubbish like water bottles, food wrappers / leftovers in the Park. Whatever you bring into the forest should be returned back with you.
  • Easing yourself on the trek is very normal. Please ask the guide to dig for you a hole and Make sure the hole is 30cms deep. please cover it when you are through!
  • Avoid annoying mountain gorillas. Once you locate the gorillas, your excitement can cause some problems if not controlled very well. Please always keep your voices low
  • You should wash your hands before you head out to the gorillas. Alternatively put gloves on your hands before entering the forest.