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Bwindi Gorilla

6 Great Gorilla Watching Tips You Should Know

6 Great Gorilla Watching Tips You Should Know

Bwindi Gorilla

Mountain gorillas are one of the critically endangered and huge animals in the world with fascinating features like fur which help them to live in coldness on the high altitude of mountains and in thick forests. Mountain gorilla trekking is an adventure activity that that involves climbing through the slippery rugged routes to access where the gorillas are residing in the deep forests. Through this amazing journey, you may be able to see very beautiful forest birds, beautiful scenic peaks of the volcanoes, evergreen forest filled with tree species and many more.

Mountain gorilla trekking is one of the most loves safari activities that are enjoyed by tourists all over the world. The activity is however not offered all over the world. It is only offered in four locations and only in Africa!. Which is why you must take the chance to carry out an adventurous and a memorable trip to the endowed Africa!. The activity takes place in Bwindi impenetrable National park and Mgahinga Gorilla National park of Uganda, Virunga National park of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda.

Mountain gorilla trekking offers the most amazing and ever-fascinating experience which is to be forever memorable to you through the thick forests in search for the precious mountain gorillas.

Before going for a gorilla tour a lot has to be put into consideration including the following;

Know where to go for trekking.                                             

Given that the mountain gorillas are only found in four destinations, and in three countries in the world, which is Bwindi impenetrable National park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park of Uganda, Virunga National park of The Democratic Republic of Congo and Volcanoes National park found in Rwanda. Therefore as you’re preparing for a gorilla trekking safaris it is better to know where you want to go gorilla trekking considering the mentioned gorilla trekking destinations. 

Know which Region your Trekking

Gorilla permits are allocated on the basis of regions, the regions with gorilla families in Bwindi and they are estranged by the long distances. The regions include Ruhija region is located in Eastern part with 3 families like Bitukura, Oruzongo and Kyaguriro.Buhoma region located in the north of the park and its home to 3 families gorilla families, that is Mubare, Rushegura and Habinyanja. There is also Rushaga sector which is located in the south and is home to 5 families including Kahungwe, Mishaya, Nshongi, Bweza and Busingye whereas Nkuringo region is located in the south and has Nuringo gorilla family.

Gorilla Trekking permits

Gorilla permits are a must have while going for gorilla tours in Uganda. The permits should be secured several months(3-6months) before the tour starts to avoid being disappointed on the day for the tour. Visitors are expected to book the Gorilla tracking permits through the travel companies regidtored with the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) in order for you not to be cheated. This will help to make your work easier. In Uganda, permits are issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority through the registered tour operators on a first come first serve basis. The permits should be under your own names and never allow to use permits that are not under your names. The gorilla permit will determin many factors like which accommodation to be booked for you and more.

Know which Season is best for trekking

One should know which is the best season to go for gorilla trekking safaris in. In Uganda, the gorillas are visible in plenty and easily during the dry seasons compared to the rainy seasons where they tend to take shelter and are hard to spot. Therefore the favorable months include , june to August, December to February.

Best Hours of Trekking

Since you have travelled all the way to Uganda to have a lifetime experience with the gorillas, the good  gorilla packages will  guarantee you 1 hour of trekking which is recommended. You have 8 hours of the activity and 1 hour of close encounter and you should maximize it.

Accommodation and transport

After u have decided on which country or region where to go for trekking, you now have to decide on a nearby accommodation and consider an affordable transportation. It’s better to ask for advice from the operators since they know better which places will suit your interests. The tour operators will let you know all the levels of accommodation and transportation available so you can make choices and make a budget that suits you, moderate or high end.

Know the gorilla rules and regulations

The mountain gorillas are endangered species and once they feel threatened they will try to defend themselves therefore you should be aware and be in the know of what should be done and what shouldn’t be done while with the gorillas. Your visit to these primates should not bring danger to them but rather improve their lives. Your tour operator will be able to send you the gorilla trekking rules and regulations and how you must conduct yourself while with the mountain gorillas. Some of the rules include using non-flash photography, speaking on low tones and more.

What to pack

  • Long sleeved shirt with long trousers.
  • Carry a rain jacket for the rainy season.
  • Wear a hat.
  • waterproof hiking boots if you intend to go hiking.
  • A warm sweater
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera for your photography.
  • Insect repellant.
  • Energy giving food.
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