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Gorilla Trek

How to Get the Best Out of a Gorilla Trek in Uganda

How to Get the Best Out of a Gorilla Trek in Uganda

Gorilla Trek

Gorilla trekking is one of the most popular wildlife encounters in Africa and all gorilla trekking parks provide a complete variety of accommodation, safari deals, wildness jungle setting for all treks including families, groups, plus individuals for all budgets. Explore the great gorilla parks of Africa and witness the life changing encounter of the giant silverback as it guides and protects all its family members playing an important role of a father in a home.Top gorilla trekking national Parks in Africa include, Bwindi forest, Mgahinga, volcanoes, Kauzi Biega and Virunga National park all great for gorilla tracking safari holidays.

Before Gorilla Trekking

Always gorilla trekking trip planning start from home but the real adventure kicks off with in the choice gorilla trekking destination. However, carrying your gorilla permit and other important trekking gears like trekking boots, long sleeved wears, rain jacket, insect repellant, bottled drinking water and other is a must before you embark on your gorilla trekking tour in either Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.

The days for the trek dress appropriate as advised and still recarry the gorilla permit, passport, snack, packed lunch, drinking water, walking stick and head to the park headquarters for early morning briefing from park officials. Hire a local porter to help you with luggage and move comfortable in the search of the beautiful apes. To protect the gorillas and the ecosystem, please respect all the gorilla trekking rules and regulations.

Keep It real & cooperate with others

Since you grouped into groups of eight with other tourists from different corners of the world, ensure that you move as a team during the search for primates in the rain forest. Be friendly and keep connected with the park rangers and other trackers for matters of safety in the forest. All gorilla trekking parks are home to several wildlife species including gorillas and no one can predict whom to find or meet on the way as you look for gorillas that wander far in search for food. Lower your voices before, with and after the encounter of gorillas because wild animals move away when they hear human voices hence making your trek easy and exciting.

Forest Safety

No need to worry about any harm or danger in the forest because each gorilla tracking group consists of main park rangers, and other armed scouts, other in front and others behind the group. This is done to protect tourists any forest harm especially the angry forest habitants and wild gorillas. So far no cases have been reported where any wild animal armed tourists but the daily protection of gorilla trekking tourists still continues.

Finding Gorillas

This is a worry for many gorilla trekking tourists wondering when and how will they find the endangered apes. However, with gorilla trekking tours in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo, a group of tracker rangers is always sent out in the forest early morning before your trek kicks off to trace the location of gorillas and also keep track of where they are heading hence making it easy for tourists to find them quick and easy. I think this confirms the saying that tracking gorillas can take between 1-6 hours depending on where they built their nest a night before the trek.

Meeting Gorillas

Once your group finds gorillas, the one hour duration clock starts ticking so make the best use of this time by enjoying photography and observation. Remain quiet, sit down and avoid sudden movements. You make look at gorillas but avoid direct eye contact they make it charge thing you planning to confront them. However, if you happen to look into its eyes and you notice a change in its character, don’t run but stand firm on ground and lower your eyes an indication that you have no bad intensions towards them. Please respect the rangers and work with them for a successful gorilla trekking tour in Africa.

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