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The Uganda Equator

3 Stops Not to Miss on a Uganda Gorilla Safari

3 Stops Not to Miss on a Uganda Gorilla Safari

The Uganda Equator

Early June to mid October and December to Late March is a great time for a trip to Uganda especially for travelers interested in hiking, wildlife viewing, gorilla trekking, mountain climbing and many more. The weather is warm across the country, roads are manageable and hikes are just rewarding and it’s the best time for all Uganda safari holiday.

It’s know that Uganda attracts thousands every for gorilla safari in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest being a home to the prime attractions of the country. Mountain gorillas are endangered primates that live in the wild but Uganda has half of the world remaining number with more than ten habituated gorilla families ready for tourists every day. Usually every trip to the land of gorillas has three main stops including that of the Uganda Equator, Igongo culture museum and Lake Mburo National park. Tourists make it a point to stop when heading out to see mountain gorillas or on their way back. Hardly something you also wouldn’t miss during your Uganda gorilla trekking tour.

Uganda Equator
Imagine standing with one foot in the northern hemisphere and another in the southern hemisphere during your gorilla trekking holiday in Uganda. This experience is only found at the Uganda Equator a most famous travel landmark and a stop for most Uganda safari tours to multiple Uganda national parks and destinations. Expect to see a line drawn in the middle of the road with a monument on both sides reading “Uganda Equator”. Besides you can also experience a change in your body weight just here something you never imagined. It’s really an amazing experience when you even spare a minute and explore the surrounding craft shops full of beautiful fabrics, art pieces, ear rings, necklaces, wood carvings, drums, dolls etc.Don’t miss a visiting the Equator in Uganda-the pearl of Africa while you are traveling toward Western Uganda or returning from Bwindi Forest National Park the home of mountain gorillas and other forest habitats.

Lake Mburo National Park

Another area of interest for most tourists to Bwindi is Lake Mburo National Park and its beautiful wildlife is close to the road in a mix with domestic cattle. It’s such a great thing to stop here on a scenic drive to or from the land of gorillas and get a chance to spot some amazing wildlife without spending a penny on park entrance fee. The famous park Zebras, buffaloes, topis and other wildlife roam close to road giving tourists and other pedestrians a chance to take a glance at then and also enjoy photography before proceeding to other tourist destinations. The Lake Mburo park is close to Mbarara town a main lunch break town for many trips to western Uganda. Chill around this park for a few minutes before proceeding to your final day destination. Never miss the compact gem located conveniently close to the highway that connects Kampala to the parks and other tourist attractions in western Uganda.

Igongo Multure Museum

The best lunch break Stop for travelers to Bwindi Forest and other Uganda national parks in western Uganda. There buffet lunch is good and the cultural centre is worth going around. Do you need to taste Uganda local dishes; Igongo Cultural Museum is a place to find all you need including the trend Banyankole cultural life style. Not too exciting for kids but enough to keep interests for a few hours. Igongo piece of history takes you back to the past and it’s the only place with classic art pieces. Better to go back and see experience what was experience before your existence. Entrance to the museum is just $20,000 local shilling a small fee in turned into foreign currency. Other activities that tourists check out are climbing the hill and village or community projects.

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